Cottages with different styles are scattered on the site of about 20,000 square meters. You can choose a cottage according to the scene you use, such as by yourself, with friends, or with your family. Please enjoy a pleasant time away from everyday life to your heart's content in your favorite cottage.

The beginning of hoshihana

resort hoshihana started with a swimming pool that was donated to "Baan Rom Sai", a facility for children adjacent to the hotel. The current resort hoshihana was born with the donation of the cottage so that the visitors can have more fun. The unique cottages are named by the backers who donated each cottage.


Ban Rom Sai

Ban Rom Sai was established in Chiangmai in 1999 as a living facility for orphans with mother-to-child transmission of HIV. However now it also supports 30 children who have been orphaned for various reasons and who cannot live with their parents. See here for details.



  • 2004

    The pool was completed with the support of Armani Japan. The first cottage, the Suica House, was built with donations from supporters, and started.
    “Manufacturing” = production of original brand clothing and miscellaneous goods, along with the Ban Rom Sai family business. The keyword is "buy and support, stay and support".

  • 2009

    The movie "Pool" set in hoshihana village's pool is released.

  • 2014

    sala (arbor-style open space, used for yoga classes, etc.) completed with crowdfunding.

  • 2015

    Organic farm project full-scale start.

  • 2016

    Recipe book "Hoshihana Village's Delicious Thai Cuisine" published.

  • 2019

    New cottage open.

  • 2022

    Changed the name to resort hoshihana and reopened.