• Shuttle Service

    Once a day, the “Pool” shuttle bus delivers guests from resort hoshihana to Hangdong Market, where you can an enjoy lunch, shopping, and delicious fresh smoothies .*

    11:45 - Depart from resort hoshihana
    12:00 - Arrive at Hang Dong Market
    13:00 - Depart from Hang Dong Market
    13:15 - Arrival at hoshihana
    *Reservations must be made by 17:00 the day before

    Adults: 100 baht(one-way)/ 200 baht(round trip)
    Children(5 years old and above): 80 baht(one-way)/ 100 baht(round trip)

  • Hang Dong Market
    Hang Dong Market is a local market 15 minutes by car from resort hoshihana where you
    can find everything from fresh vegetables, fruits and meat to daily necessities such as clothing and stationery.
    There is a dining room where you can eat in, and there is also a cafe where you can enjoy delicious coffee.
    The shuttle bus will take you to the midday market,
    but you can also enjoy a different side of the market with an early morning visit.

  • Karen Waist Weaving and
    Natural Dyeing Tour

    About 2 hours south from resort hoshihana by car, you can visit the home of the Karen people who live a traditional way of life, and experience natural indigo dyeing and waist weaving.

    For details, please contact Pree Kruai, the tour organizer directly.