• Organic coffee experience tour in the Karen forest

    On this tour, you can learn how coffee takes root in the Karen Forest and about the roasting. You can compare different types of coffee, observe the roasting scene, and take a walk in the garden where about 80 kinds of plants grow.

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  • Karen Waist Weaving and
    Natural Dyeing Tour

    About 2 hours south from resort hoshihana by car, you can visit the home of the Karen people who live a traditional way of life, and experience natural indigo dyeing and waist weaving.

    For details, please contact Pree Kruai, the tour organizer directly.

  • ©Setsuko Furukawa

    Skin care workshop at eavam atelier

    Eavam is a skincare brand in Chiangmai and this is a half-day tour where you can experience a skin care workshop with using eavam’s products and enjoy a northern Thai lunch made with vegetables harvested in their field.
    For details, please contact the following directly.
    For details on the day of the tour, the organizer eavam will contact you directly.