Dam cottage is a place where you can enjoy a sense of unity with nature. Enjoy breakfast or dinner in the garden, and relax within hoshihana's only two-story cottage built with teak wood from an old rice storehouse.

dam cottage

Room details

  • Size

    Total area : approx. 80m2(1st floor + 2nd floor) 1st floor : approx. 40m2

  • Capacity

    2 people(maximum 3 people)

  • Beds

    Semi-double : 120cm x 195cm x 2

Facilities / Amenities

  • Room facilities

    Refrigerator, gas range, microwave, toaster, rice cooker, cooking utensils, tableware, seasonings, mineral water (free), alcohol (charged), soft drinks (charged), hair dryer, towel, flashlight , insect repellent, mosquito coil

  • Amenities

    Shampoo, conditioner, body soap

  • rental equipment

    Extra bed : 95cm x 190cm x 1