A new tour to visit the Karen village has started!


Organic coffee experience tour in the Karen forest

Many coffee trees were originally planted as a national policy in northern Thailand.
While being tossed about by history such as Opium War and plantation, the Karen people have been seeking ways to coexist with nature and develop a sustainable business.

On this tour, you can learn how coffee takes root in the Karen Forest and about the roasting. You can compare different types of coffee, observe the roasting scene, and take a walk in the garden where about 80 kinds of plants grow.

1 person: THB 3,000/person
2 people ~ THB 2,000/person
*Includes lunch, coffee beans(souvenir), and pick-up/drop off service
[Required time]

Advance reservation required

Mobile +66 (0) 63 1584126
Email: info@resorthoshihana.com